GVNGames Voice Network
GVNGlobal Volunteer Network (New Zealand)
GVNGovernment of Vietnam
GVNGlobal Vacation Network (travel service)
GVNGaucher Vereniging Nederland (Dutch: Netherlands Gaucher Association)
GVNGraduate Vocational Nurse
GVNGlobal Village Nanaimo (Canada)
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The USAID has a significant role in providing financial and technical supports for the GVN in drafting and enacting disability-related regulations.
(8.) Project CHECO Southeast Asia Report, Psychological Operations by USAF/VNAF in GVN, 16 September 1968, pp.
The latest one in June tended to bear out the contention that popular confidence in the GVN's ability to win is slipping (Tab C)."
But in the countryside the Front and the GVN were trying to reach a public insistent on its right to independent judgment.
One factor was the systemic corruption and incompetence of the GVN, but the biggest problem was the South Vietnamese people's belief that their government was merely a puppet whose strings were being pulled by the United States.
In December 2013, the GVN approved the Decision on Drug Rehabilitation Renovation Plan for the period 2013-2020 which aims to diversify drug dependence treatment models, scale up community-based and voluntary treatment centers, and reduce the number of people in compulsory rehabilitation centers.
After launch, I climbed to 10,000 thousand feet, the altitude at which I was going to rendezvous with a Rhino tanker overhead the GVN. As I completed my climb and turned back toward the ship, all of my displays and cockpit lights began to flicker.
van der Moezel PG, Watson LE, Pearce-Pinto GVN, Bell DT (1988) The response of six eucalyptus species and Casuarina obesa to the combined effect of salinity and waterlogging.
Bhatia's idea leveraged Vodafone's Global Virtual Network (GVN) and Location Tracker to make Mumbai roads safer for women.
govornik ANT kronoloska dob 1;10 glagol napisati glagolska vrsta-- 9 nepreopceno (GVN) transparentnost (GVN) 2 produktivnost (GVN) - glagolska vrsta-- 1 preopceno (GVP) transparentnost (GVP) 6 produktivnost (GVP) + oblik prezent lice 1 broj jednina rod / Slika 2.