GVRCGender Violence Recovery Centre (Nairobi Women's Hospital; Kenya)
GVRCGPS VME Receiver Card
GVRCGenesee Valley Rotary Camp (Pike, NY)
GVRCGerman Virtual Racers Community
GVRCGeelong Volunteer Resource Centre (Australia)
GVRCGrand Valley Radio Control (Michigan)
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This paper discusses the HerStory Project: a multidisciplinary, Women's History and arts-based program empowering girls at GVRC to discover, own, and share their authentic voices and narratives.
Attracting extensive attention worldwide, GVRC is not just one conference, it is the start of industry level exchange of activities, GVRC's goal is to adopt cross industry integration methods to open up and magnify the future of VR/AR.
The NWH charitable Trust, The Gender Violence Recovery Centre (GVRC) which is the first of its kind in Eastern and Central Africa.