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GVSGift Voucher Shop
GVSGirls Varsity Soccer (various schools)
GVSGlobal Value Sourcing (supply chain management)
GVSGreat Vowel Shift (English language development)
GVSGreta Van Susteren (American journalist)
GVSGeneral Vision Services
GVSGlobal Venture Summit (conference)
GVSGas Venting System
GVSGlass Vision System
GVSGEOINT (Geospatial Intelligence) Visualization Services (US DoD)
GVSGlobal Vision System
GVSGrande Vitesse Systems, Inc (San Francisco, California)
GVSGreen Village Schools (Portland, OR)
GVSGround Vehicle Stopper
GVSGage Variation Study
GVSGoyt Valley Striders (UK)
GVSGround Vibration Study
GVSGround Voice System
GVSGround Vehicle Systems
GVSGlobal Voices Summit (Global Women; Pelham, AL)
GVSGreenwich Village Singers (New York, NY)
GVSGolden Valley Supply
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The HRTs were in the range of 20 to 35 days, whereas the corresponding OLRs were 4 to 2.29 gVS L-1day-1.
The maximum mean specific methane production was detected from 4 gVS L-1day-1 i.e., 101 NmL g-1VSadded followed by 96 and 98 NmL g-1VSadded from 2 and 3 gVS L-1day-1 correspondingly.
In the fall and spring, GVS allows students to take one Carnegie unit during their regular state-funded school day.
There is a two-phase process to registration in GVS. Phase I consists of allowing public school students a period of time to register for the limited number of seats before private and home school students are allowed to register.
GVS: The barn crashing to the ground was the character crashing to the ground, emotionally, which was a more abstract explanation of his point of view.
GVS: The house flying and the barn crashing were directly taken from my painting.
GVS: [Laughter] I should be asking you that question; you're the one who's written two books and many, many articles on this subject -- but I'll do my best.
GVS: We're not fighting a rear-guard defensive battle -- we're stepping up our attack.