GWAHSGreater Western Area Health Service (New South Wales, Australia)
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Greater Western Area Health Service (GWAHS) (2008), Annual Report 2007/8, Dubbo.
I was turning 60 and felt I should retire from the position at Dubbo; however, I was asked if I would establish the Health Information Management Unit (HIMU) for the GWAHS. I was thrilled!
The community's indignation--which manifested itself in protests from all parts of the community, both indigenous and non-indigenous, and was supported by the NSWNA--caused the GWAHS to agree to an independent review of the town's health care needs and facilities.
'The NSWNA will keep up pressure on the GWAHS to ensure it fully implements the report's recommendations,' said Brett.
We made it clear to the GWAHS that we would march on Parliament if necessary.'
So when 19 NSWNA members rallied with more than 300 members of the local community in late February to protest the decision, the GWAHS had little choice but to listen.
In the latest attempt to cut costs, the GWAHS had planned to completely restructure the NUMs across Dubbo Base Hospital.
In early January the GWAHS announced it would slash 129 nursing positions in order to save $60 million in budget savings.
In an eleventh hour response, the GWAHS agreed to immediately provide extra clinical staff to address inadequate night shift staffing levels in the maternity and emergency departments.
Dr Brown said GWAHS was throwing its support behind tobacco retailers by offering to assist with staff training.
The ongoing financial crisis at the GWAHS reached flash point last month as hospitals throughout the area began running out of critical medical supplies.
In July, the GWAHS gave the Goodooga Health Advisory Committee and staff two weeks notice of its plan to close the town's primary health care service, leaving it without a registered nurse, ambulance or emergency services and replacing it with a telephone service.