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GWAIGerman Workshop on Artificial Intelligence
GWAIGampaha Wickramarachchi Ayurveda Institute (University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka
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Tenian ordenes de dejar solo al gwai lo de la barba.
The recent Supreme Court decision on Haida Gwai (see Aboriginal Law column in this issue) says that First Nations have to be consulted in good faith, even if they don't have a veto on land use planning.
They assigned us to beds [two-tiered bunk beds] and there were gwai poh [foreign devil women] to take care of us.
Then the gwai poh would call our name and deliver the package to you.
We cannot speak of peace and nonviolence regarding Native Peoples unless we include their current struggles, of which at least five are good examples of nonviolent tactics: the Cree of Lake Lubicon in Alberta, the Algonquins of Barrier Lake in Quebec, the Innuat of Labrador/Quebec, the James Bay Cree, and the Haida Gwai of the Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia.
The first one I envisage will span from Gwai into Hwange, Victoria Falls, Lower Zambezi, Binga into Kariba as a corridor whilst the second one that we envisage will be in Masvingo, commencing from Mutirikwi through Tokwe Murkosi, South East Lowveld and spanning through the conservancies into Beitbridge.
It's been adapted from the Hong Kong hit Gin Gwai and the tagline is now 'How can you believe your eyes when they're not yours' instead of 'What if the reflection you see is not yours?
Like in all post-colonial novels, the native words are deployed within the English text: "What do the gwai lo sing, Brother-in- law?
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In his discussion of the various draft curricula for the new Jingshi daxue tang gWAiS (Capital University, the original name of Peking University), for instance, we learn that even a reformer like Liang Qichao was plain in his negative assessment of the position of literature in the new institution: "Literary writing cannot be considered a branch of learning," ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]).