GWAPGame with a Purpose
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It also applied GWAP to encourage the voluntary participation of many people.
For example, human computation games, also called GWAP (Games With A Purpose), encourage the user to play games and solve computional problems using its results.
Our work shares similarities with the Gopher Game [4], MobiMissions [9], GWAPs [27] and other such applications in that we aim to investigate the use of games for content sharing.
Trainor missed part of the story, because some powerful uniformed leaders in the Air Force wanted GWAPS suppressed and its official historian was their tool (not, incidentally, that he disagreed).
The Air Force did not commission the GWAPS until almost six months after Desert Storm ended.
The Army Air Corps supported the USSBS, and the USAF endorsed the GWAPS and AWOS but never published comprehensive postwar appraisals of the Korean and Vietnam Wars.
Also, GSIS members residing or working within the declared calamity areas may also apply for the P20,000 emergency loan in GSIS branch offices and through the GWAPS kiosks until December 31, 2013.