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GWBGeorge Washington Bridge
GWBGesetz Gegen Wettbewerbsbeschränkungen (act against restraints of competition, Germany)
GWBGeochemist's Workbench (scientific software)
GWBGeorge Walker Bush (43rd US president; aka George W. Bush)
GWBGeoscientists without Borders (Tulsa, OK)
GWBGeneral Well Being
GWBGypsum Wall Board
GWBGravitational-Wave Burst
GWBGreat White Brotherhood (spiritual organization; aka Great Brotherhood of Light)
GWBGraduate Women in Business (various organizations)
GWBGuys with Beards (record label)
GWBGhetto White Boys (rap group; Kitchener, Ontario, Canada)
GWBGrantmakers without Borders (San Francisco, CA)
GWBGarden Walk Buffalo (Buffalo, NY)
GWBGround Window Bar
GWBGwinnett Community Band (Atlanta, GA)
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A high score indicates enhanced sense of GWB and low scores denotes diminished sense of GWB.
We are now on our way towards executing our plan to sell 100 percent of GWB.
Considering the majority of our customer base manufactures and sells medical devices, adding ISO 13485 to our existing ISO 9001 certification promotes their confidence in our quality management system and positions GWB to remain a vendor of choice," he said.
After that, they could decide to begin the 6% income withdrawal from the GWB that is guaranteed to double in 10 years.
2]) of coverage could be nearly achieved by utilizing interior perimeter wall surfaces as GWB PRMs.
Manufactured GWB that becomes wet and is allowed to remain wet for a protracted length of time is susceptible to mold growth (Menetrez, Foarde, Webber, Dean, & Betancourt, 2004).
Consideration of the common sealing mistakes that resulted in leaking FATs sent to GWB made it obvious that at least some sealing failures were the product of people following defective manufacturer directions (such as twirling or whirling FATs before sealing them, folding the sealing wires across the FATs rather than twisting them together, and not pressurizing FATs before sealing; see below).
Ironically, for me, it has only been in practicing in an environment imbued with this perception that I have come to appreciate the extraordinary education I received at GWB.
He should have admitted GWB really means Gifted With Brass
It's time we admitted that there's more to life than money, and it's time we focused not just on GDP, but on GWB, General Well-Being," he will say.