GWCSGeneral Wireless Communications Service (US FCC)
GWCSGoldie Warden Community School (private school; Springfield, VA)
GWCSGreat Wall Chinese School (Villanova University; Villanova, PA)
GWCSGreen Woods Charter School (Philadelphia, PA)
GWCSGun Weapon Control System
GWCSGlobal Weather Communication System
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Having performed the clustering of GWCs in the considered architecture, we now focus on the gateway selection for each source CU to connect to the cloud.
The TTL value promises that all GWCs belonging to a cluster could receive CA messages from the CH.
First, Cluster Advertisement is limited to the GWCs in a cluster, and thus it prevents flooding the whole network.
It is employed upon the available CHs and GWCs in the cluster.
Not only is grounded theory the most reasonable approach for this project due to the lack of previous theorizing of GWCs practices, it also best affords me the flexibility to account for the complexity of these sites.
By using the data itself to generate theories of GWC consultations and letting my participants speak, I hope I have effectively balanced my representations of my participants with the creation of a persuasive--although necessarily incomplete--argument about GWCs, disciplinary tutoring, and the need for genre-based training.
GWCs are important resources for graduate writers as they move from newcomer to expert.
One potential implication is for consultant training, which as I noted in the introduction, is largely nonexistent in GWCs. Expertise-based tools, which are often implicit and organic, need to become more explicit in order for consultants to use and adapt them.
Although there has always been plenty of discussion of genre and of disciplinary discourse in the undergraduate course, Paula has learned from working with graduate students that her undergraduates and continuing tutors can learn greatly from the intensely discipline-specific discussions she has had with the GWCs. But she would never combine the courses, as similar as they have turned out to be.
In class, the GWCs spend considerable time discussing elements of graduate school life, survival in a department, teaching, the writing--and the presentation--of conference papers, issues of graduate retention, differences in genres, and more.
Paul and Lorelle went on to have very successful first years as GWCs, to work with a range of students, and to change forever the climate of and attitudes towards graduate writing in their departments.
We hope that this article will make it easier for others to find the right syllabus and curriculum for their programs, should they want to initiate a graduate writing consultant (GWC) program.