GWDLGrundwehrdienstleistender (German)
GWDLGray/White Matter Demarcation Loss
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The definition of GWDL in (31) indicates that the GWDL has fourth-order nonlinearity.
Substituting [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] into the definition of GWDL, we obtain
Formula (32) indicates that the GWDL of QFM signal will generate an impulse at the point (-a/6b[a.sub.3], 0) in the (t, u) plane and the energy will gather along the line u = 0.
[[??].sub.3]= -a/6b [argmax.sub.t] [absolute value of GWDL (t, 0)].
Compute the GWDL of f(n) and search for the peak in the time-u frequency plane to get the location information (n', 0); then estimate [a.sub.3] according to (34).