GWEEGeneric Web Exploitation Engine (program)
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Gwee, Kok-Ann, Leong, Y.-L., Graham, Clive, McKendrick, Michael W., Collins, Stephen.
PBL is one of the active teaching strategies proposed by Silva (2016) to make management students' learning more meaningful, as it helps students reflect on their own needs (Egido Galvez et al., 2007) and enhances their ability to develop independence as learners (Hmelo-Silver, 2004; Gwee, 2009).
Michelle Gwee, is Senior Business Analyst at the telecom, media and digital investment and advisory firm.
On the Philippine government's fiscal balance, the best forecaster was Oxfold Economics' Gwee, Credit Agricole's Sylvain Laclias and Citi's Trinidad.
Medical prescribing, in terms of both education and practice, has been extensively researched but this has not been the case with nurse prescribing (Coombes, Mitchell, & Stowasser, 2008; Franson, Dubois, de Kam, Burggraaf, & Cohen, 2009; Garbutt et al., 2006; Gwee, 2009).
Destinee Gwee Biochemistry/Asian Languages & Lit./Pre-Med.
(15.) Ghoshal UC, Shukla R, Ghoshal U, Gwee KA, Ng SC, Quigley EM.
The results are in line with the findings of previous researchers (Gwee, Chee, & Tan, 2010; Law, 2010; Papastergiou, 2009).
Segundo Seow e Gwee (1997), no leite de coco, por ser um produto rico em nutrientes, podem desenvolver-se diferentes tipos de microrganismos (bacterias, fungos, leveduras, etc.) que sao usualmente introduzidos atraves da propria materia-prima, dos utensilios, equipamentos de processo e dos manipuladores.
ASEAN BANKERS ASSOCIATION CONFAB IN MYANMAR - Shown from left are: ASEAN Bankers Association Secretary General Paul Gwee, Perbanas Chairman Pak Sigit Pramono, Baiduri Bank Berhad DGM Andrew Young, Laos Bankers' Association Chairman Vanhham Voravong, The Association of Banks in Cambodia Chairman Pung Kheav Se, John Wong from The Association of Banks in Malaysia, First Private Bank, Myanmar Chairman Dr.