GWESGraphics Windowing and Events Subsystem
GWESGlobal Weather and EAS Society
GWESGrid Workflow Execution Service
GWESGraphics, Windowing, and Events Subsystem (Microsoft)
GWESGeorge Washington Elementary School (various locations)
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Package 1 includes: Flowlines, Central processing facilities, gas central processing plant, export pipeline and associated facilities Package 2 includes: Early development phase, gas gathering, wellsides and export system (GWES) facilities, building and infrastructures work.
El [GW.sup.r] equivale al [GW.sup.e] si no hay compra-venta pues, como se ha senalado, el GWes inherente a la actividad.
800, 00 [euro] REdT = 15,80% [k.sub.0] = 10,50% ROIC - [k.sub.0] 5,30% (ROIC-[k.sub.0]) x VS 45.452,00 [euro] 1/[k.sub.0] 9.526030561 [GW.sub.E] = 432.977,14 [euro] VG = VS + GWE 1.290.777,14 [euro] - Deudas -400.000,00 [euro] VE=VG-RAc 890.777,14 [euro] TABLA A2.5 VALOR DE LA EMPRESA GOODWIN, S.A.