GWFIGlow Wire Flammability Index (fire classification)
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Among these diseases, goat warble fly infestation (GWFI) is the notorious and serious threat affecting the hide of the goat as well as milk and meat production.
GWFI is known as also "Miru" by the local livestock farmers and community and they believe that GWFI is caused by beating the animals with stick of local plant named Grewia asiatica.
The main aim of the current study is to find out the prevalence of GWFI in district Khushab, Pakistan.
A total of 780 goats of different age and sex were randomly selected and screened for the prevalence of GWFI in study area.
Arnite T XG510 is said to be the first unfilled PBT which has tested positively according to GWFI and GWIT on end products.
Other materials in the series include Laramid G/35-V0HF1, a PPA with 35 per cent glass fibre achieving V0 at 0.75 mm, and meeting IEC 60335 requirements for GWIT, GWFI and CTI; and Later 4 G/30-VOHF1 and 4-VOHF1, two PBTs meeting the same performance criteria as the nylons but with the added benefit of not having the moisture sensitivity.
Lati has also introduced a red phosphorus-based nylon 66, Latamid 66 H2 G/25-VOKB4, which meets IEC 60335 requirements: UL94-V0 down to 0.75 mm, GWIT of 775 degC and GWFI of 960 degC both at 1 mm, and CTI of 500 V.
To comply with the domestic appliance standard, the plaque must reach a glow-wire ignitability temperature (GWIT) of at least 775[degrees]C and a glow wire flammability index (GWFI) of at least 850[degrees]C.
It boasts good flow in thin walls, very good electrical properties, and halogen-free flame retardancy that meets European Glow Wire standards (GWIT of 775 C and GWFI of 960 C).
The outstanding fire resistance of the new product series is apparent from tests to determine their glow wire flammability according to IEC 60695-2-12 (Glow Wire Flammability Index, GWFI).
Amounts needed to achieve UL 94V-0 or a Glow Wire Flammability Index (GWFI) of 960 C are said to be well below those for other FRs except for red phosphorus.