GWIMGlobal Warming Impact Model
GWIMGlobal Wave Internet Marketing (Knysna, South Africa)
GWIMGeorgetown Women in Medicine (Georgetown University; Washington, DC)
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Managed Account Advisors is the official Merrill Lynch affiliate handling the portfolio management role for the Guided Investing strategies, which are based on GWIM CIO recommendations, the bank explains.
The one I most admire is one Miss Gwim; if I manage to gain enough confidence with her to ask her for one of her portraits, I shall send you one, so that you will be dazzled, and fall in love from afar, and dare to cross the Atlantic to come here in search of her, or else send your sighs and verses from there, which will be of an exceptional power, as I have never heard of any poet whose lady, never seen by him, was so remote and removed from his eyes (Bravo, 1959: 245).
For the past five years, Sieg has led Global Wealth and Retirement Solutions (GWRS), comprised of the GWIM division's product organisation and retirement business.
Sieg has led Global Wealth and Retirement Solutions (GWRS) for the past five years, which consists of the GWIM division's product organisation and retirement business.
GWIM encompasses the very best of the Bank of America brand, it's profitable, capital light, and on a path to create tremendous value for shareholders.
The mission of the GWIM CIO office is to help our clients make sense of the markets and a complex world in the context of their own lives.
She now reports to GWIM Chief Investment Officer Chris Hyzy.
The company reported that profits for its Global Wealth & Investment Management division, or GWIM, which includes Merrill Lynch and US Trust, increased to USD813m for the third quarter, from USD720m reported a year ago.
"Referrals to and from GWIM business lines to other areas of the company have increased 11% year to date in 2016 compared to the first three quarters of last year," the company said in a statement.
Bank of America GWIM had total client assets of USD2.17tn at the end of 2009.
In this post, he will advise Terry Laughlin, a Bank of America vice chairman and head of GWIM, as well as other members of the BofA-GWIM leadership team on topics like business integration, goals-based wealth management and regulatory matters, according to a press release.
* Chris Hyzy will lead the newly created Global Wealth & Investment Management (GWIM) Chief Investment Office, reporting jointly to Andy Sieg and U.S.