GWLFGeneralized Watershed Loading Functions
GWLFGreat West Liberation Front (pro-government militia; Cote d'Ivoire)
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As discussed previously, these existing widely used water quality simulation models such as SWAT, GWLF, and AGNPS are implicitly based on "infiltration excess" runoff and are at least not appropriate for areas where VSA hydrology controls runoff.
1977); Erosion-Productivity Impact Calculator (EPIC; Sharpley and Williams 1990); and the lumped parameter model Generalized Watersheds Loading Functions (GWLF; Haith and Shoemaker 1987).
Another model that can be configured for BMP assessment is GWLF (Haith and Shoemaker 1987; as modified by Schneiderman et al.
The Commonwealth of Virginia chose a modeling approach for this assessment in the current biennium using the GWLF model calibrated to edge-of-stream loadings from the Chesapeake Bay watershed model that covered a portion of the state.