GWOSGoes Without Saying
GWOSGreater Westchester Orchid Society (White Plains, NY)
GWOSGlobal Wind Observing Sounder (optical remote sensing technology)
GWOSGreat Witley Operatic Society (est. 1952; UK)
GWOSGreat Wyrms of Sorrow (gaming)
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Through working with Lloyds Register (LR), SIEMENS-GAMESA is now the first wind turbine manufacturer in China to be certified to provide Global Wind Organisation (GWO) Basic Safety Training (BST) training.
The end goal is to verify that an organisation can consistently deliver training for its own employees, or to other companys employees, to the relevant GWO Standards that are set by its members.
Safety is the number one priority for companies operating in the global wind industry, and the GWO strongly supports a network of wind turbine owners and manufacturers that collectively share the same level of competence for an injury free work environment.
Next, a set of three perturbation (assessment) experiments was done: 1) an experiment ("NOUV") from which all radiosonde, pilot balloon, and dropsonde wind observations were removed; 2) an experiment ("NONW") in which all wind observations were withheld (aircraft, scatterometer, winds from feature tracking, etc.) in addition to those withheld from the NOUV experiment (in other words, all wind observations used in the control experiment were withheld.); and 3) an experiment ("DWL") in which the simulated GWOS DWL observations were added to the observations used for the control run.
GWOS, and systems for a Winds from the International Space Station for Climate Research (WISSCR) mission.
Table 1 compares some attributes of the ADM-Aeolus system concept with the GWOS and WISSCR concepts.