GWOTGlobal War on Terrorism
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In the post September 9, 2001, plunging into GWoT, the various dimensions of security in Pakistan have been placed at stake.
One commonly advanced narrative suggests that Soldiers injured early in GWOT received Civil War era analgesia (morphine monotherapy).
GWOT tactics such as entrapment have led statist agencies such as the FBI to reintroduce investigate methods that rely on fear, suspicion, and surveillance, reminiscent of the Cold War era.
Then we can finally begin developing the weapons we need to win the GWOT.
Perhaps the most astonishing aspect of the GWOT was the failure by America in Iraq and NATO in Afghanistan (and now Libya) to comprehend the cultures, languages, and histories of the places where they were fighting.
In fact, the language of GWOT looms larger than ever before, with your average 5th grader talking about iPods and IEDs in the same breath.
The more GWOT continues, the greater seems to be the expansion and impact of the very terror groups it seeks to defeat, with ISIS and the Nusra Front being the most recent examples.
Blame game played by US leaders / field commanders helped them to cover up their failures in GWOT but overall loss / defeat in the effort against terrorism has not been realized.
The children of GWOT veterans are also traumatized when parents are deployed multiple times, he said.
Most of those who have answered this question have approached the problem from the context of America's post-9/11 GWOT.
Rumsfeld describes his roles in the evolving GWOT, the move to war in Afghanistan and Iraq, and his outrage when the Abu Ghraib abuses came to light.
Yet, until recently, they were constantly referred to as terrorists, perhaps because we needed terrorists for our GWOT in an Afghanistan where there were hardly any Al Qaeda members left.