GWRTGamma Weighted Radiative Transfer (scheme)
GWRTGreat Western Round Table (young men's club; UK)
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denu at Gwrt gain does sail o i'r peth Yn iaith yr academyddion, 'cyflwyno papur' oedd Williams yn hytrach na "rhoi sgwrs" ac ofnais y byddai gwrando ar rhywun yn darllen am awr yn drech o ran dilyn pethau.
RESULTS: 1 Robert Rogers Birkenhead NE CC, 2 Mark P Jones NWCXG, 3 Will Morgan Fibrax Wrexham, 4 Chris Stephens Chester RC, 5 Chris Jones GWRT, 6 Steve Bradbrook Alf Jones Cycles, 7 Glen Price, 8 Dan Hurst Alf Jones Cycles, 9 Tom Williams Anfield BC, 10 Jerry Clelford.
Jones, with his third second-place finish of the season, increased his lead in the league from namesake Chris Jones (GWRT).
Result: 1st Robert Rogers (Birkenhead NE CC), 2nd Roy Davies (Team Elite), 3rd Alex Paterson, 4th Mark Jones (NWCXG), 5th Kurt Scott (H/C the Belgians), 6th Chris Jones (GWRT), 7th Chris Sstephens (Chester RC), 8th Dean Smith (Frodsham Wh), 9th B Athwood (H/C the Belgians), 10th Ian Evans (Dwyfor CC).
REESULT: 1st Steve Bradbrook (Alf Jones Cycles), 2nd Mark Jones (NWCXG), 3rd Ian Evans, 4th Chris Jones (GWRT), 5th Chris Stephens (Chester RC), 6th Steve Astbury (Fibrax Wrexham), 7th Kurt Scott (HC Belgians), 8th Will Morgan (Fibrax Wrexham), 9th Glen Price, 10th Mark Baker (GWRT).
RESULTS: 1 Matt Prichard (Evolution Bikes), 2 Mark Jones (NWCXG), 3 Chris Jones (GWRT), 4 Kurt Scott (Here come the Belgians), 5 Glen Price, 6 Mark Baker (GWRT), 7 Mike Buckley (Chester RC), 8 Steve Astbury (Fibrax Wrexham), 9 Simon Ward (Simply Downhill), 10 Jerry Clelford.
From the start reigning champion Chris Purt (Energy CC) led the field - knowing a high position in the race would see him retain his title - from Mark Jones (Alf Jones Cycles) and fellow veteran Chris Stephens (GWRT).
Rider Dylan Kerfoot-Robson There was a four-way battle for the veterans race between the Alf Jones Cycles duo of Mark Jones and Steve Bradbrook and Carl Jones (Crappi Wh) and Chris Stephens (GWRT) with Mark Jones victorious from Bradbrook and Stephens.
It was another win for Joe Buckley (GWRT) in the U12's and extending his lead for the league title, from the Dwyfor CC pair of Huw Jones and Aron Owen.
From the off it was Purt from Welsh Champion Ian Evans (Harlech Stained Glass) and David Hughes (Holyhead CC) who set the pace with Carl Jones (Crapi Wh) and Chris Stephens (GWRT) in pursuit.
John Holmes had a lonely ride for a fine third place, with the battle for the leading veteran going to Chris Stephens (GWRT) from Carl Jones (Crapi Wh).
By winning the previous race at Minera , Joe Buckley (GWRT) moved into the U12s series lead, ahead of Dwyfor CC's Morgan and Aron Owen.