GWSPGlobal Water System Project
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Nora Castenedas, founder of Banmujer, the woman's bank in Venezuela, told participants at a Forum workshop organized by the GWSP, "Gender equality is a reality here.
48 (2004): 509-520; GWSP, Global Water System Project.
Global Assessments: Bridging Scales and Linking to Poticy, report on the joint TIAS-GWSP workshop, University College, 10-11 May 2007 (Bonn: GWSP Issues in Global Water System Research, No.
30pm, contact Emma O'Dowd at GWSP on 024 7657 4197 or email emma@gwsport.
Caroline Read, disability development officer for the GWSP support team, said she hoped future Para-lympic stars could be found.
Newly-appointed regional director for Sport England, Steve Town, also saw the programme launch along with director of the GWSP Rob Wallis.