GWSSGlassy-Winged Sharpshooter (insect)
GWSSGender, Women and Sexuality Studies (Minnesota)
GWSSGroundwater Supply Survey
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Federal and state agencies responded to the crisis by implementing control programs to manage and contain GWSS.
After 3 weeks, each plant was examined for mycosed cadavers, and surviving GWSS were subjected to hemolymph examination.
GWSS Nursery Approved Treatment Best Management Practices 2011.
The partnership between growers, vintners, ag commissioners and state and federal government has allowed the industry to maximize its response, stop the spread of GWSS and pursue research that should lead to a long-term answer.
Polyphagy may be more critical to the success of GWSS and other xylem feeders than insects of other feeding guilds because xylem fluid contains the lowest concentration of nutrients and organic carbon of any plant tissue (Raven 1983; Andersen & Brodbeck 1989; Andersen et al.
1 per cent of GreaTom and the stakes held by GWT and GWSS will be diluted to 8.
5 mld capacity WTP under GWSS for 23 villages based on Mohara anicut.
In response, extensive programs were created to manage PD and GWSS in Southern California and to prevent the spread of GWSS into other areas, especially the high-production-value areas of the Napa and Sonoma valleys, but also the contiguous southern San Joaquin Valley, where a large share of the total volume of California wine is produced, along with table and raisin grapes.
Surround(R) WP crop protectant from Engelhard Corporation demonstrated the ability to protect crops from the glassy-winged sharpshooter (GWSS) in the USDA-APHIS/UC-Kern County Cooperative Extension Pilot Project for GWSS control in Kern County, CA according to a recently released report.
In California, USA, production of wine and table grapes is under threat due to the efficiency of the GWSS in vectoring this pathogen (Blua et al.
Tenders are invited for Providing GWSS to PC Habitation of Dalsar & Chomwth in GP Bag Domehar Tehsil Kokthai Distt.