GWWDGreater Winnipeg Water District
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The telephone became an invaluable communication tool for the GWWD staff as it enabled direct contact between the field operations and the head office in Winnipeg.
The parabolic arch which is the hallmark of the main conduit length, and which was featured in the GWWD's logo, is notable because the concrete in the arch is always in compression so it did not require reinforcing steel.
The gravel operation was based in pits developed by the GWWD in the vicinity of the project and involved excavating the material, screening it, and delivering it on time by railway to specific locations.
Anticipating labour problems, the GWWD had laid down clearly defined rules.
The GWWD began delivering water to the McPhillips Reservoir in December 1918--a remarkable accomplishment in just four construction seasons.
Those residents qualified to vote on money by-laws approved the formation of the GWWD by a margin of 2226 to 369.
Then, with the GWWD official, the first meeting of the Administration Board took place on 30 July 1913.
The Board of Consulting Engineer's report was delivered on 20 August 1913 and, on 6 September 1913, it was quickly adopted by the Administration Board of the GWWD, which at the same time, passed a by-law to create a debt of $13,500,000.
What is impressive about the GWWD Board is that it appears to have conducted its affairs effectively, and with very little controversy despite the tensions that could easily have evolved between neighbouring civic entities.
The consent of the Government of Canada was given in June 1913, soon after the GWWD's act came into effect (Water and Waste Department nd, Box 1-I, Doc 7).
The GWWD's application requested permission to draw up to 85.000.