GXEGorilla EXecution Engine (trademark of Gorilla Logic, Inc.; Broomfield, CT)
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Genotype x Environment, (GxE)###2###2.467###1.233###1.254###0.30333
Alcantara, an Italian luxury lifestyle brand, is offering its material for the interior of the new Genovation Cars GXE all-electric supercar.
To address these limitations, we directly interrogated GxE interactions by individually sequencing entire genomes from a large sample of zebrafish using refined experimental and statistical methods for characterizing phenotypic responses to chemical exposure (Garcia et al.
This is a classic example of GxE interaction, where genes alone are insufficient to produce a psychiatric disorder without environmental events interacting with them and triggering the psychopathology.
2003, Evans & Langdon 2006a) found significant GxE interactions; however, Evans and Langdon (2006b) found that GxE interactions for yield, survival, and average individual harvest weight were relatively minor when compared with other factors of their variance model.
The present study describes a new mouse model of GxE to better our understanding of how exposure to T.
By substituting temporal-by-spatial environmental variation in large-scale regional genotype-by-environment (GxE) testing, testing steps can be eliminated and time to market shortened by one to two years.
In instances of stress during childhood, Met homozygotes displayed ACC and VS hyperactivity at reward delivery, highlighting the gene versus environment (GxE) implications of this polymorphism [190,191].
In several fish with TSD, the gender of an individual is determined by a genotype-by-temperature (GXE) interaction (Conover, 2004).
It may be observed that the mean squares presented a significant difference for all studied characteristics in the GxE interaction by the F test (Table 2).