GXFGeneral Exchange Format
GXFGeneral Exchange Format (file format)
GXFGrid Exchange File (computing file format)
GXFGraphics Exchange Format (file extension)
GXFGipuzkoako Xake Federakuntza (Basque organization)
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The AEM HT compounds had 15 phr of the 810TM plasticizer, while the AEM GXF compounds only had 10 phr of the standard ether ester plasticizer.
The compounds with the AEM HT and the low volatility plasticizer perform significantly better than the AEM GXF compounds with the standard plasticizer at these relatively severe aging conditions.
United Chemi-Con's new GXF series radial lead type aluminum electrolytic capacitors are recommended for smoothing and holdup for automotive modules and extreme high performance power supply applications requiring up to 400Vdc (450Vdc available) operation at high temperatures.
The successful development of the AEM GXF polymer was based on a team effort with help from the research and development group, the manufacturing group and the marketing group.
0 Average temperature, [degrees]C 91 104 110 Peak temperature, [degrees]C 99 116 128 Table 5--compounds used for extrusion trials Compound based Compound based on AEM GXF on AEM HVG AEM GXF 100 AEM HVG 100 N550 carbon black 52 50 Stearic acid (release) 1.
For example, ProCoder doesn't do formats like MXF, GXF, LXF, Omneon, Quantel, Panasonic P2, or Sony XDCAM.
have mainly provided incremental extensions of the existing product range, with only Vamac GXF providing a significant level of differentiation or value over the standard Vamac G grade.
264, Windows Media, DV25, DV50, DVCPro, HDV, VC-1, DPS, DivX, Flash, Real Video, QuickTime, AVI, ASF, MXF, LXF, GXF, sQ, Omneon Spectrum, and 3GPP.
The compounds will be referred to as AEM-GXF and AEM GXF M respectively.
improved Momentum GX and GXF electromagnetic simulation with trapezoidal meshing for better speed and accuracy, but with reduced memory consumption; and
AC-3 and Dolby E decoding from MPEG-2, GXF, and MXF sources
The integration expands encoding capabilities for Final Cut Studio users to an extensive array of video and audio formats and encoding settings including Flash 8, Windows Media and VC-1, as well as broadcast specific formats like GXF, IMX, MPEG-2 4:2:2 and high profile H.