GXGGlobal Express Guaranteed (US postal service product)
GXGGlobal Exchange Group (Stockholm, Sweden)
GXGGiraffe X Graphics Inc. (Indianapolis, IN)
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We surveyed ZGS and GXG during the breeding season of the partridge, from April to August each year.
However, proponents of GXG outline some of its underlying and necessary conditions, such as uncertain and diverse environments, commitment of key actors on basic principles, and cooperation among newly formed civil society actors as agenda-setters or problem-solvers.
Issuers with securities listed on the Cyprus Stock Exchange which are interested in dual listing on GXG Markets, will receive access to a recognised market at a low cost and a wider range of investors.
The deal with Denmark-based GXG is expected to open up new opportunities for CSE stocks, as market players on AIM are also active on the GXG, Metaxas said.
LONDON -- "Our company is very excited about trading publicly on the GXG Markets Exchange in London," said Ted Farnsworth, Founder & Chairman.
Swiss Finance Asset Management & Trust AG (GXG: SFAM) said it has been admitted to trade on London's GXG Markets.
PLC recently appointed City One Securities of London as corporate adviser for the listing of its securities on the GXG Main Quote Platform on its markets in London and Copenhagen.
We look forward to furthering our ongoing relationship with Octa Phillip and to now being publicly listed on the GXG Stock Exchange, said Rapid Nutrition Managing Director Simon St.
PLC's investor presentation and forthcoming prospectus for the GXG Markets in London.
ROK Global PLC, the mobile, web and industrial technology, applications and services company, is pleased to announce it has instructed Peter Koch securities trading bank to apply for ROK Global PLC listing in Copenhagen on the GXG.
Immersion Corporation (Nasdaq:IMMR), a leading developer and licensor of touch feedback technology, today announced that seven new VibeTonz-enabled games have been added to SK Telecom's new GXG mobile gaming Web site (www.
GXG, with USD 115m in assets under management, will be renamed the Global X MSCI Colombia ETF and track the MSCI All Colombia Capped Index.