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GXTGX Technology (seismic imaging company)
GXTGraded Exercise Testing (cardiac testing)
GXTGeneration X Technologies (various locations)
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Coefficient of variation of maximal CO from repeated Wingate tests and GXT was equal to 12.9% and 10.4%, respectively.
After these cognitive tasks were completed prior to (Pre-Ex) the baseline fitness testing or exercise trials, the GXT or exercise trials were completed.
There were no statistically significant differences between groups for any of the physiological, perceptual, or performance variables measured during the GXT (PPO, V[O.sub.2] max, VE max, HR mean, dyspnea) pre- to post- experimental period (P > 0.05; Table 1).
Participants performed two visits to the laboratory and were submitted to the graded exercise test (GXT) and lactate minimum test (LM), respectively.
The individual's HR was measured in each second by telemetry polar model [T.sub.34] manufactured in Germany to the end of GXT protocol and store.
Tambem foi anotado o tempo total de esforco (TLim, em s) e a maior carga de esforco (PAM), em Watts, atingida no GXT, a qual foi empregada para prescricao do treinamento nas duas sessoes seguintes.
The 12-week aerobic exercise training was applied to those participants who passed the GXT. Treadmills (928ME2C, Takasuma, Japan) were used for aerobic exercise training three times per week on alternating days for 12 weeks.
Over the last few years, several models have been proposed to determine the beginning of anaerobic metabolism based on the graded exercise tests (GXT).
Due to the widespread use of GXT in healthy populations, normative criteria have been established to help practitioners identify metabolic and ventilatory patterns.
Guanxintai (GXT), a traditional Chinese medicine commonly used to treat CHD, was approved by the State Food and Drug Administration of China in 1999.
After receiving approval from the local ethics committee and obtaining patients' written informed consent, data from 610 middleaged male marathoners ([greater than or equal to] 40 and <60 years old) who participated in a graded exercise test (GXT) for a comprehensive physical check-up at our institution between January 2011 and January 2016 were obtained via a manual review of the electronic medical records from our institution's electronic health records.
Subjects started walking on the treadmill (EXE T600, European exercise equipment, EC, TUV) for 3 minutes (Grad: 0%, Speed: 3 Km.[h.sup.-1]) According to the graduated exercise test (GXT).