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GXTGX Technology (seismic imaging company)
GXTGraded Exercise Testing (cardiac testing)
GXTGeneration X Technologies (various locations)
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Baseline characteristics and responses to GXT are expressed in median (interquartile range) for all subjects.
In recognizing Price Chopper, GXT Green, a division of Billerica-based Global Exchange Technologies, cited the family-managed company's LEED certifications, natural gas fuel cell, sustainable seafood supply, packaging and other environmental initiatives.
Not only does the ExtremeAir GXT dry hands faster, use less energy and eliminate landfill waste, it also includes a new antimicrobial infused air delivery system and can also be connected to any standard voltage between 100-240 volts.
In addition the company runs GXT, a pay-TV channel in Italy targeting teenage boys.
Subjects without signs of cardiac ischemia on the screening GXT were evaluated with a progressive GXT on a separate day at least 1 week later.
GXT will constitute Intertek's Industry and Assurance division, which Interek hopes will position it as a leading North American supplier of industrial inspection and advisory services to both the offshore and onshore energy markets.
Allegiance believes the package of Tasmanian properties being assembled by GXT is highly prospective for geothermal energy, a clean renewable energy source.
He is responsible for managing and supporting existing licenses and partners, and securing new users and licensees for the various GXT technologies.
GXT will also perform seismic attribute analysis and provide other interpretation deliverables.
During the GXT, ratings of perceived exertion (RPE: Borg, 1982), BP and heart rate (HR) were recorded at the end of every stage, while a 12-lead ECG (Cardiofax V Ecaps 12 8370K, Nihon Kohden Corp, Japan) assessment was performed by a clinical exercise physiologist.
GXT is currently processing both the P-wave and the converted wave (S-wave) data and we expect to achieve high quality imaging results for the E&P clients that are working with us to fully deploy this new technology.