GXWGeneration X Wrestling
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The GXW4212/4224/4232/4248 gateways are the newest additions to Grandstream's GXW Enterprise Gateways portfolio that are fully compliant with SIP standards and broadly interoperable with 3rd-party VoIP systems, analog PBX and phones.
GXW 04320 A fragment of paper with writing on one side.
A host of Grandstream's advanced CPE solutions were rigorously tested and approved including the new GXP2120 and the GXP21xx and GXP14xx series enterprise HD SIP phone, GXP280 single-line phone, GXW IP analog gateways, GXV3611 and other GXV35xx/36xx series video surveillance camera, and the widely popular GXV3140 and GXV3175 IP multimedia phones.
KraussMaffei will combine thermoplastic and thermoset PUR in a SpinForm process with a swiveling center stack on a GXW 550 press integrated with the company's RimStar Nano PUR metering machine.