GYCGlad You Came
GYCGreater Yellowstone Coalition (Bozeman, MT)
GYCGreater Yosemite Council (Modesto, CA)
GYCGrassroots Youth Collaborative (Ontario, Canada)
GYCGeneral Youth Conference
GYCGeneration of Youth for Christ
GYCGS Yuasa Corporation (electrical equipment; Japan)
GYCGay Youth Corner
GYCGrace Youth Camp
GYCGolden Years Club
GYCGet Your Coat
GYCGreat Yankee Collapse
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This new working relationship with Dimensional represents a break-through in Singapore's investing landscape as GYC is now able to advise its clients who are individual accredited investors on Dimensional's strategies, which were previously mostly only available to large institutions in Singapore.
After excision of the mass one dose of radiotherapy (800 gyc) was administered.
Li, "Chaos generalized synchronization of new Mathieu-VAN der POL systems with new Duffing-VAN der POL systems as functional system by GYC partial region stability theory," Applied Mathematical Modelling, vol.
In this paper, an adaptive generalized synchronization of the four-dimensional Lorenz-Stenflo system [7-12] with uncertain chaotic parameters strategy by GYC partial region stability theory is proposed [13-16].
Flight ABC1 and XYZ1, GYC and GYE-all operating on the same frequency, at the same time and in the same airspace.
Gift bags will be filled with wonderful products from Yoga Fit, Schwarzkopf Professional, Thro by Marlo Lorenz, CheeCha Puffs, 13 Personalities, Greens Your Color Gyc Bottle, Nick And Mo, Avanti Fitness, 3RD & Army, Serendipity Bags & More, Life Coach Lisa Haisha, Multipure International, Private Arts La, Annies, Paper Shower, Guylion Belgion Chocolate Truffles, Verdette, Scandalous Designs, and
* Three gay teen athletes who met on a social site for gay youths called The GYC ( decided to start a website for other young people like themselves who are homosexual student athletes struggling through their high school years.
In the case, brought by the Greater Yellowstone Coalition (GYC), it was ruled that when federal protections were dropped in 2007, U.S.
"The history of this club is the history of Gulfport." Bill Parker, General Manager of the Gulfport Yacht Club (GYC), uttered this statement as a simple declaration.
Sequences of swine-origin influenza A (H1N1) primers for pyrosequencing targeted NA codon 274 Primer Primer sequence (5' to 3') Forward primer GGG GAA GAT TGT YAA ATC AGT YGA (Uni-sw-N1-B-F780) Reverse primer CWA CCC AGA ARC AAG GYC TTA TG (Uni-sw-N1-B-R1273-blot) Sequencing primer GYT GAA TGC MCC TAA TT (Uni-sw-N1-B-F804seq) TABLE 2.