GYFGlobal Youth Fund
GYFGalway Youth Federation (now Youth Work Ireland)
GYFGrace Youth Fellowship (Knox, PA)
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(23) and It is to wyt, quhat temtacioun~e at euir the deuill putis to man sal nocht noy hyme hot gyf he wylfully consent thar-to
The former tourism secretary added that the GYF is a fitting activity for the Visit Philippines Year, which showcases the country's top and emerging destinations, and the economic benefits brought about by tourism to the community.
Ng GYF and Cheng JMF (2002): The effects of patellar taping on pain and neuromuscular performance in subjects with patellofemoral pain syndrome.
Se gesawenlica deofol wyrcd fela wundra [&] segd paet he God sylfa beo, [&] mid his gedwimerum maest aelcne man beswicd; [&] pa pe he elles beswican ne maeg, pa he wyle neadunga genydan, gyf he maeg, pat hi Godes aetsacan [&] him to gebugan.
In his conversation with the coast guard, however, Beowulf makes a statement about his intentions that suggests an important possibility: [thorn]urh rumne sefan hu he frod ond god gyf him edwenden bealuwa bisigu Ic [thorn]aes Hro[eth]gar maeg raed gelaeran, feond oferswy[eth]e[thorn]-- aefre scolde bot eft cuman.
where T is the observation of the ith variety G in the lth year Y and kth fertilizer level F in the jth replication R within year l; [mu] is the general mean, e is the variation due to random error or the residual, and YF, GF, GY, GYF, and FR(Y) are the interactions.
Moreover, despite Rouaud's summary commentary, one is struck by the apparent heterogeneity of the text each section focuses on a single representative episode in Jean's youth-and by the relative simplicity of the narrative technique: Rouaud devotes most of the third section--one hundred and fifty pages of a two hundred and fifty page text--to a more or less linear account of Jean's early romantic attachment to a school-mate's sister and his short-lived, but intense renewal of acquaintance with Gyf, a rather colourful and notoriously rebellious class-mate from Saint-Cosmes.
Done sidhfaet him Donne saegdon thaet se the on handa baer Thaes ne wendon aer thonne he swulces hwaet se the him bealwa to gyf thonne Frysna hwylc hwaether him aenig waes Ofereode tha thaet him on dhearfe lah thaet ic on wage geseah Tha se dheoden mec thaet ic his aerest dhe theah dhe odher his dha ne dorston aer the us seceadh to
Hwa saede de daet Ou nacod waere, gyf du ne aete of dam treowe de ic de bebead [C: forbead] daet du ne aete.
A sustained affiliation with England is witnessed in her request in a letter of 1518/19(?) wherein she writes to her brother: 'I haf no nothar to helpe me bot you [...] I besche your grace to helpe me and to gyf me lycens to com In to your rawlme'.
Honorable frendys, besechyng yow of lycens To procede owur processe, we may [shew] vnder your correccyon, The conuersyon of Seynt Paule, as pe Byble gyf experyens.