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GYILGerman Yearbook of International Law (book)
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The rest of the book is a sort of salespitch for "Using Ghanaian Pentatonic Xylophone Music in Education" (the title of chapter 4), a defense of the use of the self-described "inaccurate" transcriptions (note, e.g., "The pitches used correspond to the western pentatonic scale, and should not be taken as an accurate indication of the actual pitch on the gyil" and "On some occasions the notated rhythm is slightly inaccurate"), and twenty-four pages of transcriptions in staff notation, repeated on seventeen pages using TUBS (Time Unit Box System) notation.
Two more relaxed interludes were provided by Chris Brannick and Thomas Segkura on the xylophone-like gyil, its wooden strips amplified by strategically-placed clay pots.