GYOCGrow Your Own Carrot (book)
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Because GYO programs seek to staff high-needs schools with adults from the schools' neighborhoods, GYOC's operating assumption is that teacher candidates likely experience many of the racial injustices faced by the students they serve.
GYOC fosters programs that envision teachers as culturally responsive and community-rooted change agents with valuable insider knowledge.
GYOC operates out of the presumption that capacity to adapt to local, regional, and statewide pressures, strengths, and limitations is critical to ensuring longevity and sustainability.
GYOC's synergy is based on a common understanding of what is needed to develop and sustain a successful GYO program across numerous contexts.
Next steps in the GYOC effort to foster a national movement that shares the burden and expertise of developing long-term educators include identifying, replicating, and advocating for GYO-supportive programming and policies.
GYOC has identified very few programs that encompass each of the four areas; therefore GYOC encourages highlighting creative approaches, critical partnerships, identifying barriers and navigational successes, and documenting best practices operationalized at the local level.