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GYPGlobal Youth Partners (est. 2003; HIV and AIDS prevention)
GYPGlocal Youth Parliament (est. 2002)
GYPGlucose-Yeast Extract-Peptone (agar medium)
GYPGyroscope Package
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Justin, whose birth mother killed herself when he was two years old, regards Gyp as his mother.
At 160 feet wide and 200 feet deep, it was so big wags dubbed it the new Disney ride, "Journey to the Center of the Earth." Like the 2016 sinkhole, it also sucked the pond from a gyp stack like water draining out of a bathtub.
Fermentation was conducted in a bioreactor (Infors HT Multifors 2) with a working volume of 300 mL of modified GYP medium (35 g/L of yeast extract, 120 g/L of crystallized sugar, and 7.5 mL/L of GYP salts solution) and 10% (v/v) of inoculum (except in tests on the influence of inoculum size on lactic acid production).
"Eventually the family rang up and said 'that's OK, we've read it, you have our permission to continue.' .' And if they'd have said no, you can guarantee Gyp DeCarlo certainly wouldn't have been in the script."
sativa accessions PI 636073, CN 2811, CN 21957 had high GYP (30 g), while some accessions less than1g of GYP.
Gypenosides (Gyp) have been used as a traditional popular folk medicine in the Chinese population for centuries to treat cancer (Hou et al.
Drought tolerance indices Index Formula Reference Stress Tolerance STI = [(GYi) x (GYp)/(G?i)2] (Fernandez, 1992) Index Mean Productivity MP = (GYi + GYp)/2 (Rosielle and Hamblin, 1981) Geometric Mean GMP = [[(GYi) x (GYp)].sup.05] (Fernandez, 1992) Productivity Harmonic Mean HM=(2x GYpx GYi)/( GYi+GYp) (Fernandez, 1992) Stress Tolerance TOL = (Gyi - GYp) (Rosielle and Hamblin, 1981) Stress SSI = [1 - (GYp)/(GYi)]/SI (Fischer and Susceptibility Maurer, 1978) Index (Stress Intensity) SI = [1 - (G?p)/(G?i)] Yield Stability YSI = GYp / GYi (Bouslama and Index Schapaugh, 1984) Yield index YI = Ysi / Ys (Gavuzzi et al., 1997) For data Analysis, software MSTAT-C, SPSS, EXCEL, MINITAB 16 was used Results and discussion
DWYRAN: Fri open 1, JR Griffith (Talysarn) Fan, 15; 2, JR Griffith (Talysarn) Moss, 22; 3, JW Jones (Llanfairfechan) Gyp, 23.5; 4, D Mackay (Carmel) Scott, 25; 5, A Gilchrist (Tregeiriog) Pat, 26.
There was a bloke called John Carew Who was bigger than me and than you His back gave him gyp After watching a strip But he came back and scored one or two
When Jake learned that Gyp (our dog) was pregnant, he seemed a bit curious about the upcoming litter.
I'd forgotten about Mametz, until Dan's article resurrected memories of my father massaging his leg in front of the fire on cold winter nights, when the scar gave him gyp.
Dave Bolam, Jeff Sill, Tony Brown, and Gyp Robson, fishing on Dave's boat Volante, have had some good catches just off Sunderland.