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A policeman's dog bit a traveller moments after the officer called colleagues to say "there are some gypos down here, we need back-up", a court has heard.
I've never considered Fury a "dirty gypo" - becoming world heavyweight champion is no mean feat.
And even now as the heavyweight champion, no matter what I achieve and who I beat or what country I represent, deep down I'll always be a dirty gypo.
Interestingly, to a certain extent, My Life for Ireland seems to be in line with another earlier film narrative that also provides an external American view on "the Irish": Young Patrick, driven by personal motives of love and jealousy, becomes an informer against his will, and bears strong similarities to main character Gypo Nolan in John Ford's 1935 film The Informer (adapted from Liam O'Flaherty's tale of friendship and nation betrayed), which is also set in 1920s Dublin.
His career path took him from gypo logging to selling industrial accident insurance, but he would eventually become Idaho's four-term governor and the mastermind behind conservation efforts to preserve the "Crown Jewels" of Alaska.
England fans could also be in hot water after aiming chants of "Where's your caravan," and "Gypo" at home fans.
He had worked as a gypo logger for Guistina Brothers and worked at a pie bakery, at a melon farm and for the highway department.
Excess melodrama only encroached on writer-director Jan Dunn's intriguing Dogma 95 debut feature "Gypo" (2006) at the very end.
Yn ol tystion ar y pryd, defnyddiwyd y gair 'Gypo' yn ystod yr ymosodiad, er mai o dras Teithwyr Gwyddelig, sy'n garfan ethnig leiafrifol gydnabyddedig, yr oedd Johnny.
Gypo wears its influences on its sleeve: the naturalism of Ken Loach, the Dogme 95 filmmaking of Lars Von Trier, even the triplicate perspective of Rashomon.
FIRST British film to abide by the Dogme mandate, Gypo weaves together three interconnected storylines to explore the impact of a family of Czech immigrants on a Margate family and the local community.