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GYTGet Yourself Tested (MTV health promotion)
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GYTGeog Yargay Tshogchhung (Geographic Development Committee; Bhutan)
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GYT was supported by a South African Thoracic Society-Novartis training fellowship.
[42.] Cheng GYT. A study of clinical questions posed by hospital clinicians.
For example, the GYT campaign involved a partnership between health clinics, educational institutes, the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, MTV and the Kaiser Family Foundation (Friedman, Bozniak, et al., 2014; Friedman, Brookmeyer, et al., 2014).
Dunnere pa cwaed, darod acwehte, uneorne ceorl, ofer eall clypode, bed pet beorna gehwylc Byrhtnod wrece: "Ne maeg na wandian se pe wrecan penced frean on folce, ne for feore murnan." Dunnere then spoke, he shook his spear, a simple yeoman, he called out over all, he asked that each warrior should avenge Byrhtnoth: "He must never flinch who thinks to avenge his lord in this body of men, nor be anxious about life." (255-59) Pa gyt on orde stod Eadweard se langa gearo and geornful; gylpwordum spraec, paet he nolde fleogan fotmael landes, ofer baec bugan, pa his betera leg.
It is also attested in a Mandaic bowl: s'ryr wq'ym gyt' h'zyn l'l'm; see A.O.
To address the stigma and the lack of information about chlamydia and other STDs, CDC and its partners, MTV Networks, the Kaiser Family Foundation, and the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, are in the third year of a national campaign known as GYT (Get Yourself Tested).* The goals are to increase awareness among adolescents and young adults, normalize conversations about STD prevention, and promote sexual health and STD testing.
For example, financing has been provided to Banco Pichincha (Ecuador), Banco GyT Continental (Guatemala), and Banco Ficohsa (Honduras) in order to diversify their portfolios, extend maturity, address the housing deficit, support small and medium sized enterprises, promote construction, create jobs, and respond responsibly to existing demand for credit.
The show's main characte are Carl Williams, played by Gyt Grantley, Detective Seni e rs ton i or Sergeant Steve Owen, played by Rodger Corser, and Jason Moran, played by Home & Away star Les Hill.
The Get Yourself Tested campaign - GYT '09 - to support national awareness about STDs is a public information partnership of the Kaiser Family Foundation, MTV and Planned Parenthood Federation of America.
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