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GYTEGebze Institute of Technology (Turkey)
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Our findings are consistent with other studies that suggest women can tolerate a blood loss of up to 1000ml without this having any long term impact on their health (Blackburn, 2008; Bloomfield & Gordon, 1990; Frye, 2004; Gyte, 1992).
Allowing for the vagaries of vocalism both among closely associated Gaelic dialects and in language transfers, Scots gyte might be satisfactorily derived from Scottish Gaelic geilt, if a plausible explanation could be provided for the elision or other transformation of the l sound.
Gyte, Newburn, and Macfarlane also criticize the meta-analysis for its failure to report quality assessments for the included studies and its failure to discuss the limitations of the small numbers involved in the neonatal analysis.
Oliver A, Clarke-Jones L, Rees R, Milne R, Buchanan P, Gabbay J, Gyte G, Oakley A, and Stein K (2004) Involving consumers in research and development agenda setting for the NHS: developing an evidence-based approach.
MAKING MUSIC Fiona Andrew, Megan Gough, Sarah Gyte, Charlotte, Lucy Brennan and Romany Brook who played in the guitar and violins concert.
STYLE: Fiona Andrew, left, Megan Gough, Sarah Gyte, Charlotte, Lucy Brennan and Romany Brook, top, and the guitar class Pictures: JOHN DALY/jcd030708zchurchtown
Bitumen viscosity is generally known to increase sharply with decreasing temperature, although the value of bitumen viscosity is more or less dependent on the origin of the bitumen and the bitumen extraction method (Helper and Smith, 1994; Seyer and Gyte, 1989).
Remembere that yf the were had from you ye kowd neuer gyte no moo such as the be for youre parte, &c.
Greenwich's Director of Education, George Gyte, says: "It will be the most advanced school in the country, which will be in the national and international spotlight as a recognised centre of excellence."
Recently, a number of studies have discussed the importance of previous experience with destination and activity decision making and/or differences between first-time and repeat vacationers (e.g., Gyte and Phelps 1989; Mazursky 1989; Oppermann 1997; Watson, Roggenbuck, and Williams 1991).
A Cochrane Review (Alfirevic, Stampalija, & Gyte, 2010) did not find any evidence that routine assessment of fetal growth or umbilical/uterine artery Dopplers could identify fetal growth restriction and therefore a higher risk for stillbirth.
(3.) Alfirevic Z, Devane D, Gyte GM 2006, Continuous Cardiotocography (CTG) as a form of electronic fetal monitoring (EFM) for fetal assessment during labour.