GYTSGlobal Youth Tobacco Survey
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GYTS is a nationally representative, school-based survey of students in grades associated with the ages of 13-15 years and is designed to produce cross-sectional estimates for each country.
The data was collected using a validated standard-ized global youth tobacco survey (GYTS) questionnaire, developed by the World Health Organization (WHO).12 The questionnaire has been previously used and vali-dated in many studies.13,14,15 As recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) few questions were modified according to the geographical location, cul-tural values and religious practices, so that the ques-tionnaire becomes acceptable to all participants.
The purpose of this paper was to use data from the GYTS conducted in India in 2003 and 2006 to examine changes in different tobacco control measures, which can be used to monitor provisions of the ITCA and relevant articles in the WHO FCTC.
Report on the Results of the Global Youth Tobacco Survey (GYTS), Kuwait, 2006.
GYTS is a school-based survey of students aged 13-15 years that uses a standard protocol.
According to the 2005 Global Youth Tobacco Survey (GYTS), at least 35 per cent of the UAE youth under 10 years have tried smoking at least once.
Ond fel hyn y dywed Meic Povey am y bennod honno yn ei fywyd: "Mewn cyfweliad diweddar, lle nad oedd ganddo cweit y gyts i'm henwi, datgelodd Geraint Jarman, gwer Heather ar y pryd, fy mod i wedi achosi cryn boen bersonol iddo.
The GTSS includes collection of data through 4 surveys: the Global Youth Tobacco Survey (GYTS) for youth and the Global School Personnel Survey, Global Health Professions Student Survey, and Global Adult Tobacco Survey for adults.
The Global Youth Tobacco Survey (GYTS), 1999-2001, revealed that in more than half of the sites surveyed in the Americas, at least 20% of adolescents from 13 to 15 years of age currently smoke (8).
A phetai gen i gyts fyddwn i wedi gwneud hynny drannoeth, amser brecwast.
According to the Global Youth Tobacco Survey (GYTS) released in November 2014, the number of smokers in the 13-15 age group had gone up from 6.5% to 9.8%, marking an increase of 3.3% between 2007 and 2013.
To estimate tobacco use among school children in the 8th grade to 10th grade (ages 13 to 15 years) and adults (of age >15 years), nationwide Global Youth Tobacco Survey (GYTS) (6) and Global Adult Tobacco Survey (GATS) have been conducted.