GYVGlobal Youth Village
GYVGreen-Yellow Vegetable
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Members of the GYV stated at the end of their statement that they respectfully announce to the public that they will not be part of the smear campaign launched against the academics by remaining silent.
GYV President Mustafa YeE-il described the reception as an important event in which the private and public sectors came together to support sustainable development.
Speaking in the morning session of the GYV panel, Central African Republic (CAR) Education Minister Eloi Anguimate underlined the contribution of civil society to the development of countries through education.
Stating that those who try to make the regime of oppression look like stability should know that stability only comes after guaranteeing fundamental rights and freedoms, the GYV said they should also know that journalists will never keep silent.
On Tuesday, another prominent member of the GYV had a problem.
We hope urgent measures are taken against every kind of terrorist attack in order to prevent other such saddening incidents and those who carried out this attack are called to account as soon as possible," a statement from GYV said on Monday night.
One study described the detection of GyVs in HIV-positive patients and kidney transplant recipients (0.