GZGGasten Zonder Grenzen (Dutch: Guests Without Borders; rock band)
GZGGalantari Zagreb (Croation soccer club)
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Four populations (SXT, GZG, HEB, and AHC) were susceptible to chlorpyrifos, and the SDT population showed low resistance to it, whereas the others had minor resistance (Table 2).
Seven populations (SXT, GZG, AHC, SAX, CQB, HNN, and HBW) were susceptible to acetamiprid, and the remaining 3 populations (HEB, GSL, and SDZ) showed minor resistance to acetamiprid.
Three field populations (HNN, SDZ, and JLB) showed low resistance to beta-cypermethrin, 5 populations (SXT, GZG, AHC, SAX, and HBW) were susceptible, and 4 populations (HEB, GSL, SDT, and CQB) showed minor resistance to beta-cypermethrin.
The original prearticulars of FRICKE (1876) Were studied and compared with all other prearticulars in the collections of Hanover (NLMH), Goettingen (GZG), and London (BMNH).
Contract notice: Asbestos removal and total walking 70 gzg building site den bosch.