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GZKGreisen-Zatsepin-Kuzmin (also Kuz'min, particle astrophysics)
GZKGreisen-Zatsepin-Kuzmin (GZK cutoff = 6*10^19 eV)
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The last two columns of Table 7 show the estimated time to get a detection for each trigger condition, first for the case of only having as a source the neutrino flux given by the extrapolation of the measurement done by IceCube [12] and also for the case of including GZK neutrinos from [9].
Letessier-Selvon, "Establishing the GZK cutoff with ultra high energy tau neutrinos," in Proceedings of the The international workshop on observing ultrahigh energy cosmic rays from space and earth, pp.
The addition of the flux [[PHI].sub.A]A + [[PHI].sub.C] to the extrapolation of the IC flux is motivated by their approximation to GZK neutrinos produced by interactions with the EBL and CMB [9].
Thanks to the GZK cutoff, UHECRs cannot be the result of quasars, gamma-ray bursts, or anything else at cosmological distances.
Awareness of the GZK cutoff also made it hard to believe in any measurement above 5 x [10.sup.19] eV.
This was so far beyond the GZK cutoff that researchers first believed it had to be a technical glitch.
Their source had to be within 100 million light-years of Earth--close enough to preempt the GZK cutoff.
Since 1993 AGASA has recorded a few dozen particles beyond the GZK cutoff, including just 11 events with energies above [10.sup.20] eV.
Skiing is great exercise and you really feel like you are getting away on the slopes!" --Steve Stanforth, CPA of GZK Inc., with his wife Mary and daughter Emily