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Low-level 809 nm GaAlAs laser irradiation increases the proliferation rate of human laryngeal carcinoma cells in vitro.
Effect of low-level GaAlAs laser irradiation on the proliferation of human periodontal ligament fibroblasts: an in vitro study.
Comparative study in desensitiz- ing efficacy using the GaAlAs laser and dentine bonding agent.
Use of GaAlAs Laser in the Treatment of Necrotizing Ulcerative Periodontitis in Patients Seropositive for HIV/AIDS.
Although this new technique may improve the amount of bacteria killed in relation to the heating of the implant, the GaAlAs laser used in the this study cannot allow any form of water to obstruct the beam or it will not function properly.
For illuminating the transducer through the fibre, tungsten halogen lamps or broadband GaAlAs light emitting diodes are suitable.
A 100 mW, 785 nm GaAlAs diode laser was used as the excitation radiation source.
The BR111C is brilliant red, featuring a GaAlAs die and offering wide, uniform spatial distribution.
Evanescent wave excitation of fluorescence from the printed zones was realized by launching filtered emissions at 670 nm from a GaAlAs diode laser (Lasiris, Inc.
We thought that the low-intensity irradiation from a 940 nm GaAlAs diode laser used in this study would be able to promote bone healing at a deeper level in healthy rats.