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GaAsGallium Arsenide
GaAsGame as a Service
GaAsGenerally Accepted Auditing Standard
GaAsGuyot Adrien & Arnold Song (band)
GaAsGeneral Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc
GaAsGuandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences (China)
GaAsGeneral Arts and Science (college program; Canada)
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48 per-share offer price set forth in the Proposed GaAs Labs Amendment matched the per-share price offered by the competing bidder whose acquisition proposal the company announced on 16 December 2015 had been designated by its board of directors as a "superior offer," as that term is defined in the GaAs Labs merger agreement.
Asif Anwar, Director in the Strategy Analytics Strategic Technologies Practice (STP) added, "The chief use of GaAs MBE wafers has been for HEMT devices in handset switching applications but device manufacturers have been moving away from GaAs for these switches.
Codification of Statements on Auditing Standards provides GAAS standards applicable to audits of nonissuers and identifies differences between GAAS and PCAOB standards.
GaN shows great promise for application in amplifiers that support higher frequencies than the microwave band, since it offers higher saturation electron velocity, higher dielectric breakdown voltage and a higher operating temperature range than GaAs.
2) The hypothesized improvement in the crystal structure of space-grown wafers is irrelevant, since the GaAs chip manufacturing destroys and rebuilds the crystal as part of the process.
An ionizing dose rate generates electron-hole pairs in GaAs.
The text, graphics, photographs, tables and mathematical expressions focus on one subject: GaAs, in devices, circuits, compound materials and heterostructure devices and circuits.
If a private-company client says it wants you to use "some" PCAOB auditing and related professional practice standards instead of GAAS or in addition to them, you need to know what the client is trying to achieve.
The first cost-driven GaAs IC instrument application was a 2 to 6.
The auditor's responsibility in a GAAS audit for consideration of the internal control structure and compliance with laws and regulations, the additional responsibilities under the yellow book and the added testing of internal controls and compliance required by the Single Audit Act and Circular A-128 must be communicated to the auditee orally or in writing.