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Computer Security, Privacy Regulations, and Standards: HIPAA, GLBA, E-SIGN, CASPR, GAASP and More
These additions improve the modeling capability of devices built with compound semiconductor materials such as AIGaAs, InGaAs, AIInAs, GaAsP, InGaP and InAsP.
The project will see the reconstruction and expansion of the A9 motorway between the junctions of Holendrecht and Diemen in the region of Amsterdam, along with the bridge over the river Gaasp, the road surface on the A9 Gaasperdammerweg and the building of a 3km cut-and-cover tunnel.
Each channel of Avago's new ACPL-570xL/-573xL/-177xL hermetically sealed optocouplers contains a GaAsP light emitting diode which is optically coupled to an integrated high gain photon detector.
This production platform and process has been applied to many materials, for example, CdTe, Cupper Indium Gallium Diselenide (CIGS), GaAs, CdS, ZnSe, Si, Ge, GaP, GaAsP, InAs, InP, ZnS, ZnTe, CdSe, SiC, HgCdTe, SnTe, Zn3P2, and CuInS2, for semiconductors applications -- particularly in the field of solar cell manufacturing.