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We realized that when the top GaAsP layer completely covered the bottom silicon layer, the lower-energy photons were absorbed by the silicon germanium (SiGe) - the substrate on which the GaAsP is grown - and thus the solar cell had a much lower efficiency," says Sabina Abdul Hadi, a PhD student at Masdar Institute whose doctoral dissertation provided the foundational research for the step-cell.
Working under Nayfeh's supervision, Abdul Hadi conducted simulations based on experimental results to determine the optimal levels and geometrical configuration of the GaAsP layer on silicon to yield the highest efficiencies.
At MIT, the team developed the GaAsP by growing the semiconductor alloy on a substrate made of SiGe.
That's why we grew the GaAsP on the SiGe - it provides a more stable base.
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To ensure minimal photo-toxicity from the microscope~s lasers so that the animal develops normally while still producing clear images, the microscope needs to be equipped with the latest high sensitivity GaAsP detectors.
so-called dual system), high-speed Scanner, depth-brightness compensation (ensures uniform brightness, adjusting detector sensitivity and laser intensity), lenses optimized for imaging methods (optimal excitation and detection) and manipulation, option and thus suitability for simultaneous electrophysiological experiments, GaAsP NDD detectors for increased sensitivity, microscope movable relative to the working platform (fixed stage), anti-vibration table, software (online and offline), multi-user system (multi-user).
With highly sensitive GaAsP detector technology and fast linear scanning, ZEISS LSM 800 provides high image quality and offers enhanced productivity and throughput, as well as greater flexibility in live cell imaging.
The project will see the reconstruction and expansion of the A9 motorway between the junctions of Holendrecht and Diemen in the region of Amsterdam, along with the bridge over the river Gaasp, the road surface on the A9 Gaasperdammerweg and the building of a 3km cut-and-cover tunnel.