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GADESGun Air Defense Effectiveness Study
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Se separaron menos de un ano despues: <<Mi boda con Gades fue una metedura de pata.
I think the Gades likely couldn't keep themselves cool enough to compete with other engine manufacturers of the same horsepower rating--which is why I think these engines might not have been used very much and those at shows don't show much wear.
Bodas de Sangre" was first staged for ballet by Gades in 1974, marking a significant step for Spanish dance.
Y para ello, Gades, fiel a su trayectoria y al oficio que consolido con obras como Bodas de sangre, Carmen y El amor brujo, entre otras, resolvio de manera sobria y casi austera que la accion se limitaria a unos cuantos protagonistas y un homogeneo cuerpo de baile que funciona a la manera de un coro griego.
Despues de la serie Doctor Mateo, que fue larga, he hecho teatro y, ademas, he estado muy dedicada ala Fundacion Antonio Gades, de la que soy presidenta.
Gades, hailed as the best choreographer to emerge in Spain during the Franco regime, not only popularized flamenco, but brought it to an international stage.
Gades was certainly a preacher of flamenco integrity.
With the exhaust exiting at the base of the cylinder, Gades are often mistaken for early 2-cycle models.