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GAEAGeorgia Art Education Association
GAEAGolden Age EPIC Adventure
GAEAGeorgia Adult Education Association
GAEAGeorgia Association of Enrolled Agents
GAEAGovernment of Alberta Enterprise Architecture (Canada)
GAEAGlobal Awareness of Environmental Activity
GAEAGeology And Energy Analysis
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I'm thinking this is just the way Gaea would have it be.
MPE, which is the kernel of GAEA, adopts hybrid parallel processing scheme to explore instruction-level and data-level parallelism.
La respuesta de los actores de GAEA ante los cambios en el plan de estudios de la carrera de Geografia de la Facultad de Filosofia y Letras de la UBA los situaba en terminos de disputa ideologica.
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Rounding a small bend in the river, we reached our diving boat, the Gaea, a fifty-one-foot trimaran that would be our home, day and night, over the next seven days.
Gaea had thought of entering modelling competitions before but didn't think she was good enough.
She appears as a shield for the male, for lover and son alike, a cosmic Gaea protecting the universe: "'stop