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GAIAGlobal Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives
GAIAGlobal AIDS Interfaith Alliance
GAIAGlobal Anti-Incinerator Alliance
GAIAGame Angling Instructors' Association (UK)
GAIAGraphical Astronomy and Image Analysis Tool
GAIAGeneric Architecture for Information Availability
GAIAGUI Application Interoperability Architecture
GAIAGlobal Alliance for Interfaith Action (global nonprofit initiative)
GAIAGraphic Arts Industries Association (Canada)
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Taking up this new challenge for further improvements, Gaia was instrumental in setting up a new international, not-for-profit structure called Trust Organic Small Farmers in 1997.
Before Fox, Gaia worked with founder of Horizonworks Marketing, Samantha Davidson, at Cels, the North East-based centre of excellence for life sciences.
Abu-Eideh from Concrete Technology LLC a 2008 finalist, echoed Salameh's comments, "Being a finalist at the Gaia Awards 2008 was, and still is, a huge achievement for the company and it gives our clients extra confidence in our products.
Gaia, which is scheduled to blast off in 2011, will be a powerful telescope.
Lovelock argues that Gaia will simply find another set-point, probably at a temperature that would be rather uncomfortable for the talking hominids that currently swarm over her surface.
But the bank reportedly disagreed that such a window of time was offered and obtained a court order to close Gaia early, then asked Broderick and Walberry to pay back 30% of the outstanding loan balance immediately.
Lovelock devotes little space to outlining his well-known Gaia hypothesis.
Despite its light weight, Gaia Soil can absorb twice its weight in water.
With a backlist of 150 titles and a turnover of GBP2m, Gaia Books is one of the biggest names in the MBS market place, publishing 20 to 25 titles per year.
GAIA can solve potential problems clients have and make them environmentally sound.
Gaia said its investigations showed no problems with its fuel and that there were problems with the Honda vehicles themselves.
An agent for Gaia Energy argued that the contract was not a continuous one and that the two companies agreed orally last year to suspend it.