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GAIAGlobal Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives
GAIAGlobal AIDS Interfaith Alliance
GAIAGlobal Anti-Incinerator Alliance
GAIAGame Angling Instructors' Association (UK)
GAIAGraphical Astronomy and Image Analysis Tool
GAIAGeneric Architecture for Information Availability
GAIAGUI Application Interoperability Architecture
GAIAGlobal Alliance for Interfaith Action (global nonprofit initiative)
GAIAGraphic Arts Industries Association (Canada)
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Gaia will operate at the Earth-Sun L2 Lagrange point, 1,5 million kilometers behind the earth, when looking from the sun, where Earth's orbital motion balances out gravitational forces to form a stable point in space.
320 South Harrison Street--to be rebranded Gaia ParkView--is a 20 story high-rise building located in East Orange, NJ.
For decades, says Gaia author Lovelock, this was the extent of the scientific knowledge about DMS.
ae, Jesika Menon, Co-Founder, The Gaia Performing Arts Training Centre commented, “At the Gaia Centre we provide a cozy, colourful and safe environment to facilitate personal growth and education.
Entering orbit around L2 is a rather complex endeavour, achieved by firing Gaia's thrusters in such a way as to push the spacecraft in the desired direction whilst keeping the Sun away from the delicate science instruments," David Milligan, Gaia spacecraft operations manager, said.
Klaus Brandt, "This project represents the result of a 12-month study performed in close cooperation with TKMS of the advantages of lithium ion battery technology as developed by GAIA for the propulsion system of non-nuclear manned submarines.
The concept of Gaia is a striking insight into the intricate relationship of the temperature and atmosphere of Earth as maintaining the conditions for life, but it carries with it much of the baggage of the western world.
Even little Gaia - whose dark hair is inherited from Wonderful You actor dad Greg Wise, 34, - seemed fascinated.
We wanted a way to allow our younger users to safely purchase Gaia Cash," said Chris Castagnetto, Director of Sales & Business Development at Gaia Online.
Gaia Real Estate has closed on the purchase of 144 condominium units at The Corinthian, a 57-story building in the Murray Hill at 330 East 38th Street, for $147 million.
Gaia Town then guides each player through different activities like picking up trash, recycling, harvesting crops and other unique pursuits that will determine the course of the town.
20 ( ANI ): ESA on Thursday launched its Gaia mission, whose aim is to study a billion suns.