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TDToronto Dominion
TDTower Defense (video game type)
TDTurbo Diesel
TDChad (ISO country code, top level domain)
TDTest Data
TDTo Deliver
TDTank Destroyer
TDTechnical Data
TDTournament Director
TDTechnical Director
TDTrading Desk (finance)
TDTest Drive
TDTetanus/Diphtheria (vaccination)
TDTime Delay
TDTechnology Development
TDTreasury Decision
TDTotal Depth (Oil Industry)
TDTemporary Document
TDTreasury Department
TDTaxi Driver
TDTerrell Davis (football player)
TDTravaux Dirigés (French)
TDTracking Dog (Canine Title)
TDTrinidad & Tobago
TDThird Day (band)
TDTechnical Document
TDTechnical Documentation
TDTechnical Difficulties
TDTardive Dyskinesia
TDTelephone Directory
TDTraining Development
TDTransmit Data
TDTime Difference
TDTraining Day (movie)
TDTenacious D (band)
TDTony Dorsett (ex-NFL player)
TDTrust Deed (or First Deed of Trust)
TDTechnical Description
TDTrack Data
TDTransport Department (Hong Kong)
TDTemperature Difference
TDTransverse Direction
TDTraffic Director
TDThermal Desorption
TDTransmitted Data
TDTraffic Data
TDThistledown (gaming, Asheron's Call)
TDTango Down (gaming)
TDTwin Disc
TDTechnology Demonstration
TDTherapy Dog
TDToxic Dose
TDTemporary Duty
TDTemporary Disability
TDTechnical Direction
TDTraining Device
TDTiny Dancer (Elton John song)
TDTelemetry Data
TDTravel Document
TDTaxation Determination (Australia)
TDTest Director
TDTarget Detection
TDTechnical Department
TDTeachtaí Dála (member of the Irish parliament)
TDTraining and Doctrine
TDTiberian Dawn (computer game)
TDTime Dilation (aka Lorentz contraction)
TDTraining Director
TDTunisian Dinar (national currency)
TDTotal Distribution
TDTesting Device
TDTransfer Device
TDTransmit Diversity
TDTypical Development
TDTricky Dick (nickname for Richard Nixon)
TDTropical Disease
TDTransmission Design
TDToon Disney (cable television channel)
TDTrain Dispatcher (NYC Transit Authority)
TDTreasury Directive
TDTerrain Data
TDTunnel Diode
TDTraining Developer
TDThree Dimension
TDThreshold Dose
TDTank Division (Russia)
TDTrash Disposal
TDTerritorial Decoration
TDTim Daly (actor)
TDTroland (unit of conventional retinal illuminance)
TDThanatophoric Dysplasia
TDTime Differential
TDTrash Dump
TDTape Driver
TDTarget Designator
TDTheoretical Density
TDThomas Dexter (minister)
TDTechnical Directive
TDTransport Design
TDTidal Breathing (medicine)
TDTimothy Dwight College (Yale University)
TDTechnical Demonstration
TDThé Dansant (French)
TDTorrent Damage (website)
TDTest Designer
TDTotal Degradation
TDTransmitter Distributor
TDTransit Delays
TDTeam Damage (gaming)
TDTemporal Displacement
TDTotal Drift
TDTravel Detail
TDTool Drawing
TDTest Dependency
TDTélégramme Diplomatique (French: Diplomatic Telegram)
TDTest Directive
TDTarget Dataset
TDTableau de Distribution (French: Switchboard)
TDTyzzer's Disease (mouse liver disease)
TDTreaty Document
TDTarget Defeat
TDTurbo Dispatch (UK auto assistance dispatch system)
TDTiming Distributor
TDTerminal Dues (postal fee exchange)
TDTango Delta
TDTrinchera Dolina
TDTechnisch Dossier (Dutch: Technical Dossier)
TDTemporary Disconnect
TDTransition Leader
TDTransverse Defect (railway)
TDTeachta Dail (Irish Member of Parliament)
TDTop of Ditch (surveying)
TDTest Deficiency
TDTrue Departures (immigration)
TD(US Navy Rating) TRADEVMAN (Training Device Man)
TD(USN Rating) Tradesman
TDTyped Delay
TDTributary Driver (SONET)
TDTangerine Dream (band)
TDTax Department (various locations)
TDGalashiels (postcode, United Kingdom)
TDTactical Doctrine (also seen as TACDOC)
TDTalent Development
TDTangier Disease
TDTable of Distribution
TDTabular Data
TDTactical Director
TDTable Data
TDTail Dragger
TDTallahassee Democrat (Tallahassee, FL newspaper)
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Persimmon still have three and four-bed homes for sale in the third phase of their Melrose Gait development in Galashiels, with one and two-bed apartments also planned.
Above: Horse riders from Galashiels Borders Ridings gather at Tweedbank railway station to welcome a Borders Railway carriage
Ben, 30, who lives in Galashiels and works for his father Raymond's roofing firm, changed his Facebook profile on Monday to a photo of himself with his smiling daughter.
It was first launched in Huntly, Scotland, last year and has been rolled out to Pwllheli, Galashiels, and Hereford.
Developers Terrace Hill has announced household names such as Marks and Spencer, New Look, Next, Brantano and Internationale will be moving into the new 43,500 sq ft Gala Water Retail Park in Huddersfield Street, Galashiels.
But Halifax, Galashiels and Central London East are the unluckiest regions.
The pig, dubbed Houdini, was hit by a car near Galashiels in the Scottish borders shortly after 8pm on Saturday.
Mike Ruddock may have plenty on his mind at the moment, but he'll have more than a passing interest in events at Galashiels tomorrow.
Capital Solutions, with over 150 employees, has offices in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Galashiels serving their 5,000-plus customers throughout Scotland.
The Rendition boys from Galashiels have been making waves with their great guests and guest spots at various events.
Step off in Galashiels and visit Old Gala House and Scott Gallery - boasting a history spanning five centuries.
With just six months until the Borders Railway Link opens linking Galashiels to Scotland's capital city, it's the ideal time to snap up a family home at Miller Homes' Gala Meadow.