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GPAGrade Point Average
GPAGestation pour Autrui (French: Surrogacy)
GPAGlobal Political Agreement (Zimbabwean reform agreement)
GPAGreyhound Pets of America
GPAGovernment Procurement Agreement (World Trade Organization)
GPAGewerkschaft der Privatangestellten (Vienna, Austria)
GPAGraduate Program Advisor (various schools)
GPAGroup Personal Accident (insurance)
GPAGaelic Players Association (Ireland)
GPAGas Processors Association
GPAGNU Privacy Assistant (computing)
GPAGuam Power Authority
GPAGeneral Purpose Application
GPAGoogle Point Average
GPAGuest Physical Address
GPAGrid Processor Architecture
GPAGeneral Plan Amendment
GPAGeneral Purpose Architecture (computing)
GPAGallons Per Acre
GPAGrosse Pointe Academy (Michigan)
GPAGeneral Purpose Amplifier
GPAGeneral Practitioners Association (various locations)
GPAGlycophorin A
GPAGentle Persuasive Approach (healthcare)
GPAGlobal Programme on AIDS
GPAGreat Path Academy (Manchester, CT)
GPAGlobal Property Advisors (various locations)
GPAGraphics Performance Accelerator
GPAGlobal Program of Action (for the Protection of the Marine Environment Land basesd Activities)
GPAGeorgia Press Association (Atlanta, GA)
GPAGibraltar Pool Association
GPAGreater Pittsburgh Area
GPAGerman Press Agency (est. 1949)
GPAGovernment Purchasing Alliance
GPAGolden Plains Area (Colorado)
GPAGuyana Press Association
GPAGeneric Pharmaceutical Association
GPAGross Production Average (baseball statistic)
GPAGreen Party of Aotearoa (New Zealand)
GPAGuardian Princess Alliance
GPAGladstone Port Authority (QLD Australia)
GPAGold Prospectors Association
GPAGovernment Property Administrator
GPAGeneral Power of Appointment (asset management)
GPAGas Producers Association
GPAGosport Pool Arena (Gosport, UK; pool hall)
GPAGas Purchase Agreement
GPAGolf Physiotherapy Association (Netherlands)
GPAGay Pilots Association
GPAGlycogen Phosphorylase A
GPAGraduation Promise Act (education)
GPAGovernmental and Public Affairs
GPAGlobal Project Authorization (JSF project)
GPAGrand Prix Association
GPAGroup Psychological Abuse Scale
GPAGeneral Public Agency (UK)
GPAGeneral Purpose Analysis
GPAGeorgia Perinatal Association
GPAGraduate Pledge Alliance
GPAGeneral Partitioning Algorithm
GPAGravida Para Aborta
GPAGreen Point Average
GPAGuidance Platform Assembly
GPAGeorgia Association of Planetariums
GPAGeophysical Altimeter
GPAGrowth Premium Analysis (trading theory)
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soybeans, 150 gallons per acre using canola, 650 gallons per acre using
Meanwhile, SunEco Energy in Chino, California, claims it will be able to produce more than 33,000 gallons per acre per year based on a pilot operation with the volume of a large backyard swimming pool.
The application rate at 4 mph is 100 gallons per acre. Thus the applicator adds 1.5 quarts of pesticide to 100 gallons of water.
CEHMM has experimental plots of canola at the agricultural center, and that crop may produce oil at a rate of 200 gallons per acre per year, Lynn said.
Whereas soybeans generate roughly 50 gallons of biodiesel per acre, algal species can produce up to 8,000 gallons per acre per year, according to Michael Briggs, a PhD candidate in physics who investigates biodiesel production at the University of New Hampshire.
The most exciting developments may come from algae: a single acre can produce 15,000 gallons of biodiesel, vastly trumping soy (50 gallons per acre) and even the very promising Carribean plant jatropha (also called psychic nut, and capable of producing 200 gallons per acre).
Department of Energy show that algae can produce well over 10,000 gallons per acre compared to soybeans, which produce only 48 gallons of oil per acre per year, and canola, which produces 140 gallons per acre, LaStella said.
Department of Energy, algae can produce well over 10,000 gallons per acre compared to soybeans, which produce only 48 gallons of oil per acre per year, and canola, which produces 140 gallons per acre.
Endres discussed corn-germ separation, which he said could raise oil yields by 25 gallons per acre. Combined with new bioengineering efforts to produce high-oil-content corn, he said, the result could be 65 gallons per acre, with no impact on yield.
Oil Crop Yield per Acre Oil Palm 635 gallons Coconut 287 gallons Jatropha 202 gallons Rapeseed (canola) 127 gallons Peanut 113 gallons Sunflower 102 gallons Safflower 83 gallons Mustard 61 gallons Soybean 48 gallons Corn 18 gallons Harvesting oil from algae is still in the research phase, but estimates indicate it could produce more than 3,500 gallons per acre.
Calculate the manure application rate in gallons per acre (to the nearest 50 gal) if the producer wants to apply 150 lb of N per acre?
Canola, Europe's temperate climate oil crop of choice, produces one hundred twenty-seven gallons per acre. Palm oil is one of the best terrestrial producers at six hundred thirty-five gallons per acre.