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Besides, Tom,' says I, `it jest spiles your gals; they get sickly, and down in the mouth; and sometimes they gets ugly,--particular yallow gals do,--and it's the devil and all gettin' on 'em broke in.
You see, when I any ways can, I takes a leetle care about the onpleasant parts, like selling young uns and that,--get the gals out of the way--out of sight, out of mind, you know,--and when it's clean done, and can't be helped, they naturally gets used to it.
"Well, haven't you a boy or gal that you could throw in with Tom?"
You might make your fortune on that ar gal in Orleans, any day.
"Come, how will you trade about the gal?--what shall I say for her--what'll you take?"
'She's one of them fine, black-eyed, proud gals, as I wouldn't trust at such times with a knife too near 'em.
I been watching this young gal of Jane's, and I seen what sort of a young gal she be.
The 'young gal' likewise occasioned me some uneasiness: not so much by neglecting to wash the plates, as by breaking them.
Crupp, and to remove the 'young gal' to the basement also, I abandoned myself to enjoyment.
The gal's manners is dreadful vulgar; and the boy breathes so very hard while he's eating, that we found it impossible to sit at table with him.'
“Well, well,” he said, “be it so, gal; let it be so, if you wish it— we'll talk the thing over another time.
If your Lammles or your Lightwoods had got at him anyhow, they would have asked him the question whether he hadn't something to do with that gal's disappearance.