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GAMATGlobal Air Mobility Advanced Technology (USAF research project)
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DCA also decided to suspend all registered oral gamat products of that company until further safety investigations have been completed.
Shiv Chauhan, aged 11, said: "The Ramat Gamat show was very good and helped me learn new words in Gujarati.
In one of his recent interviews given to an Azeri web resource, Gamat Suleymanov estimated that every Friday seven to eight thousand believers pray in his mosque, and that this number exceeds twelve thousand during annual holiday prayers.
The GAMAT technologies directly support the AMC 2000 command-and-control modern ization program's integrated flight management concept of operations and will provide new operational capabilities not currently available to its users.
Somewhat lost in this approach is acknowledgment of the powerful anti-Israeli, anti-Western character of the Syrian Brotherhood, whose members are the ideological and organizational kinsmen of llamas in the West Bank, Gamat al-Islamiyya and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and the Brotherhood in Jordan -- some of which are the most virulent anti-Israeli forces operating today.
SM by the Bay A's Jade Becaldo and Hachaliah Gilbuena, likewise, booked a semis seat after whipping Perpetual Molino B's Emanuel Gamat and Paolo AloAaAaAeA~a, 21-7, 21-4, to keep their record pristine at 3-
Military personnel in armoured personnel carriers kept watch at the ends of Gamat El-Dowel Street as normal life began to return to the neighbourhood.
Fundamentalist clerics, have been competing with the state to appear more Islamic then the fundamentalists terrorist group -- Gamat Islamyiah, responsible for murdering scores of Egyptians and tourists.
Gamat and his brother Rolando of Kawi Cavite; and Kristal Jane "Bebe" Ganadem of DasmariAaAaAeA~as City.
A march of around 200 moved down Gamat El-Dowal Al-Arabia Street to help set up the sit-in.
The capture of Mazer-i-Sharif coincided with reports of the presence of international terrorist Saudi millionaire, Osama Bin-Laden, the prime suspect in the US embassies' bombing and the leader of the Gamat Islamya Egyptian terror group Iyman el-Dhwahry.
While we were in the Gamat El-Dowel Al-Arabia Street before we were about to split, one of my friends took out a very large piece of hashish and decided to divide it in half for our other friend (it seemed like there was an agreement between them to do that before I had arrived).