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The game playing process in digital game based learning environment enhances the learning by allowing players to acquire learning experiences in games, encouraging interactions between learners and the game system as well as situating learners in complex learning environments (Pannese & Carlesi, 2007).
Tsai, Yu and Hsiao (2012) investigated the factors that enhance learning effectiveness in digital game based learning environment.
They used a game based learning with native language hint and found that students using games for learning performed better than those who did not.
game based learning processes are demanding on teachers, requiring them to take on many different roles, each of which requires a specific skillset" (Marklund & Taylor, 2014).
Over both cohorts the general consensus about the impact of game based learning for understanding of programming constructs was overwhelmingly positive.
The purpose of data collection after diploma completion was to capture student reflections on the game based learning strategy after completion of the study.
This study has used game based learning approach alongside current teaching methods to engage students and bring about active learning for one subject module in an introductory ICT course.
Tham and Tham's (2012) study supports these findings, as they showed dramatic increase in students interest in the course when game based learning was implemented.
Therefore, this study moves away from normative evaluations of students' achievement and focuses on the game based learning process.
Instructional computer game designs that are perceived as less threatening should be identified and introduced during the initial phase to support game based learning.
For this reason, the findings of previous studies and the on-going habits of students should be considered when developing effective game based learning environments.
Female students should be provided continual reinforcement and support when participating in a computer game based learning environment.