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Gamow en este primer sueno, mediante un relato fantastico y una aventura imaginaria, introduce al lector en los principios basicos de la Termodinamica, no traicionando en modo alguno el rigor cientifico y recreando su relato con imagenes, metaforas y analogias.
Soon thereafter, Gamow fell in with a group of researchers who convinced him that RNA played the role of transmitting genetic information from the double helix to an area outside the nucleus of the cell where amino acids are assembled into protein.
Gamow, describing a member of the "group" he wants Will to join, mentions an "extremely sensitive Negro who is not success-oriented--a true identity problem there" (40).
There were no interesting economics books in paperback (2) to compete with George Gamow or Edith Hamilton, with Asimov and the other science fiction stars, or with Euripides and Sophocles and the Bhagavad-Gita or Chekhov or Scott Fitzgerald.
Gamow Memorial International Conference (2004: Odessa, Ukraine) Ed.
Hubble's analysis, therefore, led to the modern "big bang" theory, developed by Gamow, (11) which followed through on the assumption that it has always been expanding.
In 1946, George Gamow and his collaborators proposed an entirely new theory of cosmology.
My first choice, "Thirty Years That Shook Physics" by George Gamow, is in 57 users' libraries.
He attempts to vindicate the labor of scientists such as Arthur Eddington, George Gamow, Frank J.
Ademas, Juan Arana emplea expresiones muy problematicas, como <<evolucion cosmica>>, pues la Idea de evolucion solo tiene sentido aplicada al ambito de los vivientes corporeos, no de las morfologias inorganicas (pese a que se habla de <<evolucion de los elementos de la tabla periodica>> con Gamow, etc.
Sondra Gamow Goldenfarb, Belleair Admitted 1973; Died January 10, 2006