Gap1General Amino Acid Permease
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Similarly, we did not find significant changes on NOG1, GAP1, and MEP2 gene expression in uth1 mutant as well as uth1, sir2 double mutants of BY4741 (data not shown).
Gap1 hypothesized to be related to positive client evaluation because it measures the difference between client expectations and experiences, a standard approach to determine satisfaction and assessing an encounter.
TABLE 7 Determinants of the Within-Firm Gender Wage Gap by Sector Urban Enterprises Equation (6) (8) Dependent GAP1 GAP2 Variables OLS OLS Perceived 0.
GAP Change in ownership gap 1995-99, expressed as the difference 3 between GAP1 and GAP2 (in %).
26 Thousand Tons Breed Yld- Breed Yld- Gap1 Max Gap2 (1) (6) (7) (8) Nib-Ravi 2195.
En efecto, mientras el GAP1 sugiere una perdida de dinamismo de la produccion en esos anos, las otras mediciones de la brecha registran un desvio importante del PIB respecto al potencial, en especial en el caso del GAP3 y del GAP4.